Construction and Foundation


Large scale construction Companies work on various projects simultaneously with large number of workers and management team. There are many works that to be considered at the time it is not an easy task of organizing all these details manually. Though there is managing team for every site up to date details must be updated to higher authorities if not there are mismatches of money. Considering all these issues in existing system we designed a software application which will handle all these details. This will help to organize daily works and calculate total amount of work done and pending work with cost and employee resource management. The main aim of the project is to show customers providing utility to maintain day to day operations of apartments for the customers who booked the apartment.


  • Information about apartment are maintained.
  • Details of work done for every apartment are maintained.
  • Every month maintenance i.e. total amount invested on each apartment are generated in the form of reports.
  • When a customer books an apartment all details of agreement are stored.
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